As a YCM Solutions TAP applicant, you receive access to YCM's professional development program. Our in-house experts and network of educators in the US offer comprehensive trainings to ease you into the role of teaching in America. Read below for more information about the trainings we offer.

Understanding life in the United States

Moving to a new country can be challenging. From cultural studies to buying your groceries at the local supermarket, this module guides you through your 12-month experience in America.


Though we expect spoken and written English to be a prerequisite before you apply as a TAP teacher, we offer extensive practice in professional and scholastic communications to applicants, through this module.

Professional development

The American ways of working are benchmarked globally as the standard of expectations for efficiency and productivity. Learn, firsthand, through this module about the different tools and practices which you can use to build on your strengths as a teacher.

Employer-specific training

Schools and school districts may have unique policies for their teaching faculty. This could vary from the way they interact with their students to the way they grade tests and assignments. Our module for employer-specific training ensures applicants placed with the school are well-equipped with the school's policies and expectations, well before they start working for them. This includes support in applying for state specific teaching licenses.